Geomorphometry 2013 (programme)

Oct 16 2013 09:30
Oct 20 2013 17:00

Important: this is a working programme of the conference (subject to changes)

DAY 1: Wednesday 16.10.2013


Opening ceremony /
word from the local organizers and Chair and Vice-chair of the society


Group photo and coffee break


Keynote: Michael Hutchinson

New Methods for Incorporating and Analysing Drainage Structure in Digital Elevation Models (K-1)


Keynote: Chenghu Zhou

Extracting geomorphologic features from high resolution DEM (K-2)




Poster session day 1

  1. Chunmei Wang, Qinke Yang, David Jupp, Lei Wang and Rui Li. Modeling of Topographic Spatial Structures Using Geo-statistical Method (P-1)

  2. Yi Yan and Fei Xiao. Monitoring topographical changes of island in the outlet of the Dongting Lake from 2000 to 2010 using time series of Landsat images (P-2)

  3. Fei Xiao, Yi Yan, Qi Feng and Xuan Ban. Characterize the spatial patterns of perennial waterlogged cropland using the micro-geomorphology structure in Jianghan Plain, middle reaches of the Yangtze River (P-3)

  4. Weiming Cheng. Extraction of loess tableland from digital elevation model and ASTER image (P-4)

  5. Zhao Mingwei. Extend the Analysis window to improve the Geo-Computation (P-5)

  6. Shangmin Zhao. Characteristic analysis for typical loess 1 geomorphologic types based on slope spectrum (P-6)

  7. Ting Zhang, Trevor Page and David Oliver. Effectiveness of Mitigation Measures on Phosphorus Delivery (P-7)



DEM generation methods (session chair: Josef Strobl)


Benjamin Bräutigam, Irena Hajnsek and Gerhard Krieger (invited speaker)
The TanDEM-X Mission: Earth Observation in 3D (I-1)

Carlos Grohmann
Effects of spatial resolution on slope and aspect derivation for regional-scale analysis (O-1)

Niels Anders et al
High-Res Digital Surface Modeling using Fixed-Wing UAV-based Photogrammetry (O-2)

Wan Qiao et al
Comparison of several methods for multi-scale DEM generalization in different landform areas (O-3)

Zeng Fei et al
An MPI-CUDA Implementation for The Compression of DEM (O-4)

Jaroslaw Jasiewicz et al
Content-based landscape retrieval using geomorphons (O-5)


Coffee break


DEM attributes and objects: extraction & mapping I (session chair: Li Fayuan)


Lucian Dragut et al
Land-surface segmentation to delineate elementary forms from Digital Elevation Models (O-6)

Fuyuan Liang et al
An automated method to extract typical karst landform entities from contour lines on topographic maps (O-7)

Guruh Samodra, et al
Application of supervised landform classification of 9-unit slope model for preliminary rockfall risk analysis in Gunung Kelir Indonesia (O-8)

Dong Youfu
Research on Terrain Significance Index (O-9)

Liu Kai et al
Research on the classification of terrain texture from DEMs based on BP neural network (O-10)


Welcome banquet!

DAY 2: Thursday 17.10.2013


Keynote: Ian Evans

Land surface derivatives (K-3)


Keynote: Peter Guth

The Giga Revolution in Geomorphometry: Gigabytes of RAM, Gigabyte-Sized Data Sets, and Gigabit Internet Access (K-4)


Coffee break


DEM attributes and objects: extraction & mapping II (session chair: Chenghu Zhou)


Scott Peckham
Mathematical Surfaces for which Specific and Total Contributing Area can be Computed: Testing Contributing Area Algorithms (O-11)

Liyang Xiong et al
Simulating Loess Underlying Bedrock Paleotopographic strata for Landscape Evolution in the Loess Plateau Based on Digital Elevation Models (O-12)

Shijiang Yan et al
Terrain similarity characterizing approach based on two-dimensional continuous wavelet (O-13)

Wenhui He
Research on 3D-Openness in urban area based on Urban Digital Elevation Model (O-14)

Hongming Zhang et al
DEM based Extraction of LS factor: integrate channel networks and convergence flow (O-15)




Poster session day 2

  1. Tian Jian. Point pattern for landform based on SOFM (P-8)

  2. Kamila Justyna Lis and Tang Goan. Fractal analysis of the Loess Plateau in China (P-9)

  3. Haijiang Wang and Qinke Yang. Generalizing Resolution-assignable DEM Based on Rational-dilation Wavelet Transform and Sampling Theory (P-10)

  4. Lei Wang, Yong Qing Long and Fayuan Li. The elevation error of DEMs caused by grid size (P-11)

  5. Zhang Zhenke, Fu Yuexin, Li Shengfen, Zhang Linghua and F Li. Soil erosion and rill system evolution based on field observation in Kongshan Hill, South-west Jiangsu Province, China (P-12)

  6. Xu Hong Wang, Zhang Zhe, Fei Li and Xiao Ning Liu. Construction of Remote Sensing Image Information Capacity Model for Evaluation on Land Surface Complexity (P-13)

  7. Li Xiaoyin. Vegetation Pattern Topographic Differentiation of YaoXian county, Shaanxi province, China (P-14)



Coffee break


DEM analysis for land-cover, hydrological, soil-landscape and environmental modeling (session chair: Michael Hutchinson)


Qinke Yang et al (invited speaker)
Study on the Distributed Slope Length for Soil Erosion Prediction at Watershed Scale (I-2)

Lucian Dragut et al
Land-Surface Segmentation as sampling framework for soil mapping (O-16)

Zhen Li et al
Development of gully and its controlling factors in the Loess Plateau of China using high spatial resolution imagery (O-17)

Sheng Li et al
From rills to gullies: how do we measure them? (O-18)

Yi Zhou et al
Method for extraction continuous shoulder line in Loess watershed (O-19)

Dong Chen et al
Vegetation mapping using discrete-return and full-waveform airborne LiDAR data (O-20)


Coffee break


High performance computation and big data in terrain analysis; geo-computing and statistics analysis (session chair: Peter Guth)


Alexander Brenning (invited speaker)
Leveraging geomorphometric data and statistical computing to gain complementary insights into complex Earth surface processes (I-3)

Baiping Zhang
Mass elevation effect: concept and quantification (O-21)

Qinke Yang et al
Extraction and Analysis of Slope, Slope Length, and LS for National Soil Erosion Inventory in China (O-22)

Xiaodong Song et al
Landscape planning of route-based visibility analysis (O-23)

Ling Jiang et al
Extraction of drainage network from grid terrain datasets using parallel computing (O-24)


Geomorphometry society meeting


Conference dinner (outdoor barbeque or similar)

DAY 3: Friday 18.10.2013


Fundamental problems of geomorphometry I (session chair: Ian Evans)


Josef Strobl (invited speaker)
DTM Slope – simple measure, or to each his own? (I-4)

Niculita Mihai et al
Floodplain delineation using cluster analysis of geomorphometric variables and class spectral statistics (O-25)

Kosuke Naruse and Takashi Oguchi
Classification and formation environment of glacial valleys based on morphometric analyses (O-26)

Cheng-Zhi Qin et al
A Browser/Server-based Prototype of Heuristic Modelling Environment for Digital Terrain Analysis (O-27)

Jie Wang et al
Modeling hourly solar radiation over rugged terrains, based on DEM (O-28)


Coffee break


Fundamental problems of geomorphometry II (session chair: Tang Guoan)


Zhang Yanli et al
Estimating shortwave radiation based on DEM and MODIS atmospheric products in rugged terrain (O-29)

Hu Ding et al
A Near-lossless Digital Watermarking Algorithm of DEM Based on DCT (O-30)

John Biju et al
Use of SRTM Data for a Quick Recognition of the Active Tectonic Signatures (O-31)

Zhang Zhenke et al
Soil erosion and rill system evolution based on field observation in Kongshan Hill, South-west Jiangsu Province, China (O-32)




Fundamental problems of geomorphometry III (session chair: Qiming Zhou)


Jing Tang et al
Implementation of a multiple flow algorithm into the dynamic ecosystem model LPJ-GUESS (O-33)

Sheng Jiang
Extraction of loess shoulder-line based on object-based image analysis (O-34)

Shijie Zhu et al
Scale-effect of Hypsometric Integral in Loess Plateau (O-35)

Weiling Guo et al
The scale effect analysis of slope length based on DEM multi-scale representation (O-36)

Sheng Li et al
Snow distribution pattern and its influencing factors in a small watershed in Atlantic Canada (O-37)


Coffee break


Life achievement awards /
Best paper awards /
Towards Geomorphometry 2015


Dinner and visit to Fuzi temple


DAY 4: Saturday 19.10.2013:

Workshops from 9:00 to 17:00








Coffee break






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DAY 5: Sunday 20.10.2013:

Field trip to Zijing mountain and Xuanwu lake (optional)

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