IALE2009 Symposium6 presentations online

Perhaps some of presentations could be of interest to geomorphometrists?

Lucian Drãgut, Ulrich Walz and Thomas Blaschke have organized the 6th Symposium- The third and fourth dimensions of landscapes– within the European Conference IALE2009. The contents of presentations in the symposium, as well as introduction and concluding remarks are available below:

1. Introduction

2. Höchstetter & Walz- 3D-metrics in landscape ecology – Methods and examples of use

3. Laszczak & Kozak- Assessment of structural connectivity of a forested landscape in Poland using graph theory approach

4. Victorov- Landscape metrics selection based on the mathematical models of landscape patterns

5. Wickham & Riiters- A critique of patch-based landscape indicators for detection of temporal change in fragmentation

6. Van Eetvelde & Käyhkö- The applicability of quantitative techniques for assessing spatio-temporal patterns of landscape changes

7. Werbrouck, Van Eetvelde, Antrop &  De Maeyer- Integrating historical maps and LiDAR elevation data for landscape reconstruction

8. Marceau- Scale issues in Landscape Ecology research: A synthesis

9. Scolozzi &  Geneletti- A method to assess landscape functional connectivity at local scale for target species

10. Díaz-Varela, Álvarez-Álvarez & Marey-Pérez- Influence of landscape pattern on scale divergence in categorical maps

11. Völker & Büker- Automatic remote sensing methods for the monitoring of agricultural landscape lements in the context of IACS and cross compliance. Poster.

12. Stupariu, Patru-Stupariu & Cuculici- Geometric techniques in quantifying landscape irregularities. Poster.

13. Nedkov & Gikov- Modeling landscape heterogeneity in mountain areas: a case study from Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. Poster.

14. Concluding remarks


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