Results E-democracy 2011

1 Organization of the society
We should stay a small society 23
We should try to get anybody working with DEMs involved 8
2 I would like to nominate (for chair)
A-Xing Zhu, University of Wisconsin, USA 2
Helena Mitasova North Carolina State University, USA 8
Ian Evans Durham University, UK 7
John Gallant CSIRO, Australia 7
John P. Wilson University of Southern California, USA 2
Peter L. Guth US Naval Academy, USA 1
Robert A. MacMillan, LandMapper, Canada 3
3 I would like to nominate (for vice-chair)
Carlos H. Grohmann, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 3
Hannes I. Reuter, ISRIC, the Netherlands 7
Igor V. Florinsky, Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology, Russia 3
Lucian Dragut, University of Salzburg, Austria 3
Lynn Usery, USGS Center for Excellence for GIS, USA 1
Steve Kopp, ESRI, USA 1
Tomislav Hengl, University of Wageningen, the Netherlands 13
4 My say on the conference content
We should focus on the DEM analysis methods 4
We should have a balanced combination of both 24
We should have more technology in the programme 3
5 My say on the financial matters
I do not mind the costs if the programme is good 15
The registration fees should not exceed 100 USD per day 6
The registration fees should not exceed 150 USD per day 2
The registration fees should not exceed 80 USD per day 8
6 I would also like to discuss...
Left Blank 27
User entered value 4
Average submission length in words (ex blanks) 25.25
7 Prefered location of the next meeting
Asia 8
Europe 10
Let the scientific committee decide 4
North America 1
South America 8


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