MEMO: Submission deadline Geomorphometry 2011


This is to remind you that the deadline to submit extended abstracts for the Geomorphometry 2011 conference is due in 6 days (1st of March).

We encourage all potential participants (and especially ones that require some additional time) to sign-up for this deadline at (you will need to be registered on the website to do this). This way we can have a good idea about how many people require some extra time, so that we can contact you to check status of your work (if your submission is not in the EasyChair system). To avoid any uncertainties please submit your article before the indicated deadline.

To prepare your article, please closely follow the author guidelines.


The Geomorphometry 2011 Workshops have been published on the website. Workshops received so far are:

  • (Reuter Hannes) ArcGIS Geomorphomerty Toolbox
  • (Lucian Dragut & Clemens Eiseink) Discrete analysis of the land-surface: Burning issues and upcoming topics in linking geomorphometry with OBIA
  • (Phillip Verhagen, Lucian Dragut & Frederick W. Limp) Geomorphometric approaches in archeology
  • (Tomislav Hengl & Carlos Grohmann) Automated analysis and visualization of elevation data using open source tools R+OSGeo

Workshops will take the form of either tutorials in a particular method or technique, or provide the opportunity for detailed discussion of upcoming topics. The workshops will be designed based on the sign-ups (after March 2011). A minimum requirement to run a workshop is to collect 10 active participants. To sign-up for a workshop follow the link from above and add your name by selecting “Sign-up for ***”. You will have to confirm your sign-up in May when we open the early registrations (Note: In principle, any user registered at this website can sign-up for workshops, however, only the users that register for the conference/workshops will be finally considered as active participants). The price for attending workshops has not yet been set, but it is likely to be in the range $100-150 USD.

If you have any questions about this conference please feel free to write to the conference organizers via mail: (this will forward your message to the Organizing Committee and the conference secretary).

all the best and hope to see you in California!


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