Geostatistical simulations of topography

Short title:  DEMsim

Inputs: control.txt – 1020 precise measurements (photogrametric + spot heights); elevations.txt – 2051 points (contours + spot heights); dem10m_tin.asc – 100×150 pixels 30m DEM.
Outputs: simulated DEMs, simulated error surfaces, error assessment statistics.

Purpose and use: 

Script to generate and simulate DEMs and assess the error of the height measurements. Prepared for the needs of a research paper ‘Geostatistical modelling of topography using auxiliary maps’. Please consider testing the script before you use it with large datasets.

Programming environment:  R / S language
Status of work:  Public Domain
Reference:  {Geostatistical modelling of topography using auxiliary maps}
Data set name:  Zlatibor



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