Geomorphometry Society meeting / E-democracy

The Geomorphometry elections are held every two years during the society meeting (Geomorphometry conference series). The results of voting (including the best paper awards and nominations for the next conference) are typically announced by the Chair and vice-Chair on the last day of the conference, and published on the society website (the website is the only official source of information).

Rules and regulations:

  1. Only full members (participated in at least one event in the last 6 years) registered via the website are eligible to vote. The voting is done via website.
  2. Voting is anonymous, but the results are published in a table format (names are masked out). If you write down your IP and exact time during the voting, you can control that your vote is correct.
  3. Nominations for chair (senior staff; > 15 years of work experience) and vice chair (junior staff; <15 years of work experience) are generated automatically from the Scientific Committee list (active conference paper reviewers). The highest ranked candidates are then invited to lead geomorphometry. If the nominated candidate does not accept the task, then the next on the list is invited.
  4. The role of Chair/Vice-chair is to: (a) ensure continuity of the geomorphometry events, (b) help the local hosts with organization of the conferences and workshops, (c) regularly update members via website and newsletter (at least once in 3 months) about news and events, (d) organize society meeting and elections at least every 2 years.
  5. The deadline to vote for Geomorphometry related issues is indicated on the society website. Typically, there are no extensions of this deadline.
  6. The Chair and Vice-chair are responsible to publish the results of elections (new Chair and Vice-chair, best paper awards, nominations for the next conference) before the end of the Conference and keep the society up-to-date about any major decisions.
  7. The same Chair can only be elected for 2 consequtive elections (hence for a maximum of 4 years). The same Chair and Vice-chair can be re-elected as long as their is at least 2 years of break between the mandates.
  8. New Chair and Vice-chair can request changes to these rules. To ensure continuity of the society, each amendment needs to receive >50% votes from the Geomorphometry members at the Geomorphometry elections.

Previous elections:

  • "International Society for Geomorphometry (ISG) is a non-commercial, nongovernmental association of researchers and experts that are open for free exchange of knowledge and opinions about various aspects of DEM processing and Digital Terrain Modeling."

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