Geomorphometry Newsletter March 2013

Still working on the extended abstract for the next conference? Don’t worry: the submission deadline for Geomorphometry has been pushed to 1st of April (2 weeks extension). This is a one time extension, so please try to follow this deadline closely. The submission instructions are available here. Several people asked us about the content and length of the extended abstracts. So here are one more time main things to memorize: (1) the extended abstract MUST be between 2-4 pages, (2) try to put a more general topic for the abstract so that, if your abstract gets selected for the special issue, you can have a different title. For all other info please refer to:

Most of keynotes and invited speakers for the upcoming conference have been already listed on the conference website. We are happy to announce them here one more time: Ian Evans, Michael Hutchinson, Chenghu Zhou, Peter Guth, Helena Mitasova, Josef Strobl, Qinke Yang…

Learn more about our hosts at the Nanjing Normal University have already hosted the International Science Seminar on the Terrain Analysis and Digital Terrain Stimulation (TADTM) in 2006. Later in 2008, the team participated in organizing ISPRS Summer School as well. Nanjing is an old ancient capital city of Six Dynasties, which is a key university of Jiangsu Province.

New ice-free DEM of Antartica has been recently released. This is what Antarctica will look like without all that ice »
“Stripped clean of all its ice, the polar continent exhibits a number of interesting features, including vast mountain ranges…”

Geomorphometry community is now also on G+. Join this community and post opinions, announcements and short stories and follow up the work of your colleagues…


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