Geomorphometry: Concepts, Software, Applications

A title in the Developments in Soil Science series volume 33.
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Table of content:

• Foreword • Part 1 • 1. Geomorphometry: A Brief Guide • 2. Mathematical and Digital Models of the Land Surface • 3. DEM Production Methods and Sources • 4. Preparation of DEMs for Geomorphometric Analysis • 5. Geostatistical Simulation and Error Propagation in Geomorphometry • 6. Basic Land-Surface Parameters • 7. Land-Surface Parameters and Objects in Hydrology • 8. Land-Surface Parameters Specific to Topo-Climatology • 9. Landforms and Landform Elements in Geomorphometry • Part 2 • 10. Overview of Software Packages Used in Geomorphometry • 11. Geomorphometry in ESRI Packages • 12. Geomorphometry in SAGA • 13. Geomorphometry in ILWIS • 14. Geomorphometry in LandSerf • 15. Geomorphometry in MicroDEM • 16. Geomorphometry in TAS GIS • 17. Geomorphometry in GRASS GIS • 18. Geomorphometry in RiverTools • Part 3 • 19. Geomorphometry – A Key to Landscape Mapping and Modelling • 20. Soil Mapping Applications • 21. Vegetation Mapping Applications • 22. Applications in Geomorphology • 23. Modelling Mass Movements and Landslide Susceptibility • 24. Automated Predictive Mapping of Ecological Entities • 25. Geomorphometry and Spatial Hydrologic Modelling • 26. Applications in Meteorology • 27. Applications in Precision Agriculture • 28. The Future of Geomorphometry • Bibliography • Index • Colour Plate Section •

How to cite?

The book can be cited as:

Hengl, T., Reuter, H.I. (eds) 2008. Geomorphometry: Concepts, Software, Applications. Developments in Soil Science, vol. 33, Elsevier, 772 pp.

To refer to a specific chapter, please write e.g.:

Pike, R.J., Evans, I.S., Hengl, T., 2008. Geomorphometry: a Brief Guide. In: Hengl, T. and Reuter, H.I. (Eds), Geomorphometry: Geomorphometry: Concepts, Software, Applications. Developments in Soil Science, vol. 33, Elsevier, 1-28 pp.

*Note that each specific chapter of the book has an unique DOI.

Specific chapter of the book can be obtained separately from the Elsevier’s ScienceDirect service.

How to obtain the data set?

The Baranja Hill data set used in this book can be obtained here. It comprises various data layers ranging from a TOPO DEM, SRTM DEM, original point measurements of heights, contour lines from the 1:25k and 1:5k scale topo-maps and various other thematic layers.

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  • B. Minasny (Pedometron #25)
  • N. Tate (IJGIS)





  • "International Society for Geomorphometry (ISG) is a non-commercial, nongovernmental association of researchers and experts that are open for free exchange of knowledge and opinions about various aspects of DEM processing and Digital Terrain Modeling."

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