EarthEnv-DEM90: 90 m resolution digital elevation model from fused ASTER and SRTM data is available for download from:

Available layers: 

smoothed elevation

Grid definition: 

100 m resolution global

proj4:  +proj=longlat +datum=WGS84


The data distributed here are in EHdr format, unprojected and referenced to the WGS84 geodetic datum. They are derived from CGIAR-CSI SRTM v4.1 and ASTER GDEM v2 data products. These data have been processed and merged to provide continuous coverage of ~91% of the globe. Processing and merging methodology are available in Robinson et al. (2014).

Data owner:  NCEAS, NASA, NSF, and Yale University
Reference:  EarthEnv-DEM90: A nearly-global, void-free, multi-scale smoothed, 90m digital elevation model from fused ASTER and SRTM data


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