Available layers: 

Download land surface model per Equi7 region:

  • AF (49)
  • AN (23)
  • AS (56)
  • EU (43)
  • NA (30)
  • SA (28)
  • OC (57)

Grid definition: 

Projection system: Equi7 grid
Spatial resolution: 250 m
Total size: 3.3 GB
Equi7 tilining system: (58)

proj4:  +proj=aeqd


The DEM presented below (projected in equi-distance system hence ready for DEM analysis / flow modelling) was produced as a weighted average between three sources of global DEMs:

The processing steps are explained in detail via the Github repository on WorldGrids. Read more about global DEM data sources: DEM data sources (a review).

Data owner:  Public
Reference:  Optimisation of global grids for high-resolution remote sensing data



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