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Publication #1
Bou Kheir, R., Bøcher, P. K., Greve, M. B., Greve, M. H. 2010. The application of GIS based decision-tree models for generating the spatial distribution of hydromorphic organic landscapes in relation to digital terrain data. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss., 7, 389-416, 2010.
Publication #2
Bou Kheir, R., Greve, Mogens H., Bøcher, Peder K., Greve, Mette B., Larsen, René, McCloy, Keith R. 2010. Predictive mapping of soil organic carbon in wet cultivated lands using classification-tree based models: The case study of Denmark. Journal of Environmental Management (In Press), doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2010.01.001
Publication #3
Moeslund, J. E., Bøcher, P. K., Svenning, J-C, Mølhave, Th., and Arge, L. 2009. Impacts of 21st century sea-level rise on a Danish major city – an assessment based on fine-resolution digital topography and a new flooding algorithm. IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 8 012022, p. 1 - 11.


Education (MSc)
Aarhus University, Faculty of Science; Biology
PhD degree
Investigating the Potentials, Aarhus University, Denmar


Building 1540 Ny Munkegade 114
Aarhus 8000
56° 9' 1.4076" N, 10° 12' 16.6572" E


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Klith Bøcher
GIS coordinator, PhD
Aarhus University, Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity Group, Dept. of Biological Sciences


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