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Publication #1
Török-Oance M., Ardelean, F., Onaca, A., (2009). The semiautomated identification of the planation surfaces on the basis of the Digital Terrain Model. Case study: The Mehedinţi Mountains (Southern Carpathians), Geographical Phorum (Forum Geografic), Year 8, No. 8, pp. 5- 13.
Publication #2
Török-Oance M., Ardelean, F., Onaca, A.,Voiculescu, M., Urdea, P. (2010), The evaluation of different types of DEMs for geomorphological applications in mountain areas. Annals of DAAAM for 2010 ISSN 1726-9679, Editor B. Katalinic, Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria.
Publication #3
D. Micle, M. Török-Oance, L. Maruia, (2008), The morpho-topographic and cartographic analysis using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques of the archaeological site Cornesti “Iarcuri”, Timis County, Romania, Proceedings of the 1st International EARSeL (European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories) Workshop, ARACNE editrice S.r.l. Roma, pp 387-391, ISBN 978-88-548-2030-2.


Education (BSc)
West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Geography
PhD degree
The Mehedinti Mountains - geomorphological study/Institute of Geography - Romanian Academy


West University of Timisoara Timisoara
45° 45' 34.9992" N, 21° 13' 48" E


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