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Publication #1
Gardner, J.V., 2010, The West Mariana Ridge, western Pacific Ocean: geomorphology and processes from new multibeam data. Geological Society of America Bulletin. v. 122, p 1378-1388.
Publication #2
Gardner, J.V., Calder, B.R., Hughes Clarke, J.E., Mayer, L.A., Elston, G., and Rzhanov, Y., 2007, Drowned shelf-edge delta complexes and barrier islands and related features along the outer continental shelf north of the head of De Soto Canyon, NE Gulf of Mexico, Geomorphology, v. 89, p. 370-390.
Publication #3
Gardner, J.V., Dartnell, P., Mayer, L.A., Hughes Clarke, J.E., Calder, B.R., and Duffy, G., 2005, Drowned barrier-island complexes and shelf-edge deltas on the northwest Florida outer continental shelf, Geomorphology, v. 64, p. 133-166.


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