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selected publications

Publication #1

Smith, B., and Mark, D. M., Ontology with Human Subjects Testing. American Journal of Economics and Sociology, v. 58: 2, April 1999.

Publication #2

Eagles, D.M., Katz, R. S., and Mark, D. M., GIS and Redistricting: Emergent Technologies, Social Geography, and Political Sensibilities. Social Science Computer Review: Symposium on GIS and Redistricting. Vol 17, no. 1. (Spring 1999).

Publication #3

Shariff, A. R., Egenhofer, M. J., and Mark, D. M., Natural-language spatial relations between linear and areal objects: the topology and metric of English-language terms. International Journal of GIS, v. 11, No. 3, pp. 215-246.


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