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a.brenning Leveraging geomorphometric data and statistical computing to gain complementary insights into complex Earth surface processes 4 years ago
admin Automated transformation of slope and surface curvatures to avoid long tails in frequency distributions 2 years ago
admin Error Propagation Modeling for Terrain Analysis using Dynamic Simulation Tools in ArcGIS Modelbuilder 6 years ago
admin High resolution satellite SAR multi temporal interferometry for regional scale detection of landslide and subsidence hazards 2 years ago
admin The potential accuracy of the survey of landform changes using archival orthophotos: case study of the Białka River valley 2 years ago
admin The Salerno University Geomorphological Informative Mapping System: the Licosa polygenetic case study (Cilento European geopark, southern Italy) 2 years ago
admin Reinterpretation of morphometry of headwater areas using LiDAR data in homoclinal flysch mountain ridge modelled by landslides. Case study of the Babia Góra Mt., the Western Carpathians 2 years ago
admin Multidimensional approach to natural instabilities in mountain areas: how geomorphometry can improve both hazard modelling and risk perception 2 years ago
admin DEM and GIS based morphometric and topographic profile analyses of Danxia landforms 6 years ago
admin Assessing contextual information from SRTM data as abasis for classifying landform types. Case study: dune fields 2 years ago