Postdoc position at Department of Geography, Loughborough University

Oct 5 2010 09:00
Oct 5 2010 23:30

Two, 36-month postdoctoral research positions within the Geography Departments at the Universities of Leicester and Loughborough, UK are available with a start date of 1st January 2011.

Job description: 

This Research Associate will be responsible for a programme of laboratory flume experiments designed to quantify the inter-relationships between bed-surface grain size and structure, near-bed flow regime, initial motion conditions and sediment transport rate under contrasting flow and sediment supply regimes.


The ideal candidate will have a background in process-based fluvial geomorphology or sedimentology and/or open channel hydraulic engineering. S/he will be expected to work with the Leicester RA (responsible for the characterisation of the bed surfaces) to integrate the data on the near-bed flow field and sediment movement with the analyses of bed surface maturation.

Annual brutto salary: 
£27,319 - £28,139
Job duration: 
36 months

Please contact Dr. Stephen Rice ( or Dr. Mark Powell ( for more information (job reference GY/13784).

Postdoc in Space Exploration Informatics (University of Cincinnati)

Dec 31 2010 00:00
Dec 31 2010 23:00

The Department of Geography at the University of Cincinnati offers a postdoctoral position to a self-motivated researcher to undertake work in the area of space exploration informatics. Postdoc will work in a group headed by Tomasz Stepinski, the incoming Thomas Jefferson Endowed Chair Professor of Space Exploration at the Department of Geography University of Cincinnati.

Job description: 

The successful candidate will be involved in one or more of the following research projects: automatic cataloging of craters and other geomorphic features from high resolution planetary images, machine-learning-based automatic geomorphic mapping, and data mining of large spatial planetary and terrestrial datasets.


The candidate must have expertise in one or more of the following fields: remote sensing, planetary geomorphology, computational intelligence and geoinformatics, or image processing, with the PhD in geography, computer science, geology, or related fields. The responsibility include designing and executing computer codes, analyzing and reporting original results, writing scientific manuscripts, and participating in daily computer lab maintenance. Skills in maintaining a server and local area network are highly desirable.


For complete information including the details on how to apply and whom to contact with questions please download the flyer. The position is open until filled.

41st International Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium

Oct 15 2010 08:30
Oct 17 2010 14:00

Geospatial Technologies & Geomorphological Mapping
October 15 to 17, 2010 - University of South Carolina - Columbia, SC

Tentative Program Schedule (subject to revision) 


Report from Geomorphometry 2009

Bob MacMillanFYI: a short report from Geomorphometry 2009 by Bob MacMillan (ISRIC) published in the Pedometron newsl

GDEM - a quick assessment

The first 30 m resolution global ASTER-based DEM (GDEM) has recently been released. This is now the most detailed global GIS layer with public access (read more). The GDEM was created by stereo-correlating the 1.3 million-scene ASTER archive of optical images, covering almost 98% of Earth's land surface (claimed 95% vertical accuracy: 20 meters, 95% horizontal accuracy: 30 meters). The one-by-one-degree tiles can be downloaded from NASA's EOS data archive and/or Japan's Ground Data System. The download of DEMs for large areas is at the moment difficult and limited to 100 tiles.

GI-Forum 2010

Jul 6 2010
Jul 9 2010


Location of event: University of Salzburg, Austria

The Salzburg University Centre for Geoinformatics together with GIScience at the Austrian Academy of Sciences is offering an annual forum to the worldwide geoinformatics community, bringing together English-speaking researchers and practitioners across disciplines and industries. Simultaneously, the GI_Forum connects participants into a well established co-located regional symposium -  Applied Geoinformatics (AGIT) - sharing the state-of-the art AGIT-EXPO exhibit.

The conference also wishes to attract submissions pertaining to digital terrain representation and analysis.

Please find attached the First Call for Papers.


Triangles and kebabs (from Geomorphometry 2009)

Sitting on a bench at a friend's house in Brest, France, I look at the windy landscape and think of triangles and kebabs - a strange combination of thoughts, I know, but its origin can be found in the last events of my life, as you will soon understand.

geomorphometry terrain toolbox

Short title: 

ArcInfo Arc Marco Language Code (AML) Geomorphometry Toolbox contains a collection of terrain analysis scripts which can be used with a installation of ArcInfo's Workstation. Please note: They are not working with ARCVIEW and also not directly with ArcGIS, even if it is possible to run AML Code from inside ArcGIS. Still, you need ArcInfo Work Station installed. For a quick start please refer to readme.txt for some command calls or to the outdated topomanual2.pdf.

Programming environment: 
Status of work: 

International Society for Geomorphometry (ISG) is an international association of researchers and experts open for free exchange of knowledge and opinions about various aspects of DEM processing and digital relief analysis.