OBIA workshop (2011)

Sep 10 2011 09:00
Sep 10 2011 13:00
America/Los Angeles


Title: Discrete analysis of the land-surface: Burning issues and upcoming topics in linking geomorphometry with OBIA (workshop at Geomorphometry 2011)
Workshop moderators: Lucian Dragut & Clemens Eisank
Duration: half day
Room: University of Redlands Campus, Lewis Hall room 103

Intended aims and scope: In the last five years research interest in segmentation-based analysis of the land surface has been growing. For instance, the number of papers on this topic has doubled from ADTA2006 to Geomorphometry2009 (from 3 to 6). While some obvious advantages of object-based approach over traditional classification have fueled applications on DEMs, OBIA looks less adapted conceptually to the scope of specific geomorphometry. This is the reason of our intention to organize a workshop at Geomorphometry2011. The workshop would aim to:

  • Bring together researchers and practitioners dealing with OBIA methods on land-surface models
  • Discuss recent ideas, opportunities and challenges of linking geomorphometry and OBIA
  • Come up with a research agenda / priority list / wish list

Intended audience: Anyone using OBIA for DEM analysis.

Daily programme:

The workshop will be organized in the form of round table discussions focused on the topics listed below.

  • 9:00 - 11:00 Segmentation and object ontology / Object-based classification
  • 11:00 - 13:00 Scales and hierarchies / Final discussion and closing remarks

Technical requirements:

  • flipboards and moderation material
  • laptop and projector for presentation
University of Redlands Redlands
United States
34° 3' 20.0484" N, 117° 10' 57.1368" W
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