The Terrain Analysis System (TAS) now available as open-source GIS project

The creator of the Terrain Analysis System (TAS) has decided to migrate his package to open source. The new version of the software, now called "Whitebox Geospatial Analysis Tools" is available for download from the department homepages.

Prof. John Lindsay is currently looking for potential graduate students (Masters) to join his research programme at the University of Guelph. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact him.

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Nice package

I've used this and it's very good - good range of tools. There are a couple of things about the interface which could be improved

- you can add layers to the map (as in arcgis) but when you run a command you can't pick from the layers currently on the map - you have to open the file again from disk

- when you import data (e.g. from an arcgis ascii file) it doesn't tell you where it has saved it - I expected it to be added to the map but it isn't. since importing data is probably the first thing you do I found this a confusing start - and I am a pretty experienced software user - I wrestled with command-line ARC/INFO back in the day!