Oct 14 2009 08:35
Oct 16 2009 18:35

Silvilaser 2009 is the 9th international conference on lidar applications for assessing forest ecosystem.


  1. Forest Inventory – measurement of forest structure and estimation of forest volume, biomass, and carbon from regional to global scales using airborne and space lidar systems; subsections:
    1. Analysis approaches – area based, individual tree-based, and innovative methods;
    2. multitemporal lidar datasets and vegetation change assessment;
    3. operational forest inventory programs
    4. airborne technological achievements and future directions of data analysis approaches
  2. Ecological Applications, Habitat Mapping, and Forest Fuel Assessment
    1. emerging applications for the use of laser systems to assess 3-D structure of vegetated ecosystems
    2. Assessment of other vegetated ecosystems with lidar: tundra, alpine, rangeland, chaparral, coastal vegetation
  3. Terrestrial Applications and Ground Measurements
    1. the use of ground-based lasers to collect horizontal and vertical forest measurements, e.g., stem density, crown closure, gap fraction, stem maps, LAI;
    2. ground based lasers as an emerging technology for calibration of airborne and space lidars
  4. Satellite lidar sensors
    1. Algorithms for large footprint data analysis and 3-D vegetation structure assessment
    2. Lidar data fusion with radar and optical data; algorithm concepts and analysis approaches; scaling-up lidar measurements
    3. A look down the road – upcoming space lidar missions
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