Proposal call for ‘TanDEM-X Intermediate DEM’ products

Mar 12 2014 09:00
Mar 12 2014 23:00

Further Information & Instructions:

The Intermediate DEM (IDEM) is a product derived exclusively from acquisitions of the first global coverage. The first global coverage typically uses only one baseline configuration for acquiring each scene. Please be aware that the intermediate DEM product might have data gaps, omitting scenes where a reasonable accuracy cannot be achieved by a single interferometric acquisition. An increased height error compared to the final and global TanDEM-X DEM product is expected.

While the final TanDEM-X DEM will be available globally, the Intermediate DEM is available for selected regions. You can find a Google Earth KML layer in our home page showing all the tiles which can be delivered to the science community in the scope of this call for proposals:

The TanDEM-X Intermediate DEM availability can be browsed and quick looks can be explored in our online order tool EOWEB at:

In general 3 different posting classes are available for the TanDEM-X Intermediate DEM product (see in addition the most recent DEM specification document available as a download from our start page):

0.4 arcsec, according to 12m at equator; quota restriction for each PI: 100,000 sqkm!
1.0 arcsec, according to 30m at equator; quota restriction for each PI: 100,000 sqkm!
3.0 arcsec, according to 90m at equator; availability: global!

Please note that quota restrictions have to be applied for the DEM with 12m and 30m posting! These restrictions are a consequence of the data policy agreement between the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and Infoterra GmbH/Astrium Geoinformation Services (See:, which is the commercial partner in the Public Private Partnership framework of the TanDEM-X mission. For any commercial use of the TanDEM-X data please contact the customer services of Infoterra GmbH/Astrium Geoinformation Services.

Submission Instructions and Evaluation Procedure:

If you are exclusively interested in the 90m posting class there is no need to submit a proposal. Within the coming months DLR will provide a simplified online procedure to access those DEM products without a quota limitation.
If you are interested in the higher (12m & 30m) posting DEM class, you have to submit a proposal which will undergo an evaluation process.
Before you can submit a proposal you need to register first as an investigator on our home page. Check the link in the left side menu ‘Investigators Registration’. If you are already registered as an investigator, you can skip the registration process and directly login with your userid and password.
After login on our home page with your userid and password, you can reach your personal proposal submission and tracking interface using the link ‘Investigator’ provided in the side menu. Use the ‘Create DEM proposal’ link here to create a new proposal.
Fill in all the web form fields of the proposal, and enter your data requirements. For the selection of individual DEM tiles a map powered web form is provided with further instructions. Please select your DEM tiles carefully. The selected tiles are the one you need to order - after proposal acceptance - at EOWEB covering the same region of interest and amount of tiles. Any deviation from the proposal assignment might lead to consequences, which reach from closing your order account up to paying compensation to Infoterra GmbH/Astrium Geoinformation Services.
After submission the proposal undergoes an evaluation process at DLR. In case that your DEM requirement exceeds the quota of 100,000 sqkm for 12m or 30m DEM posting, DLR has to consult Astrium Geoinformation Services during the evaluation process of the proposal.
In case of a positive proposal evaluation a quota will be assigned to your proposal and an approval notice will be send to you via email, together with a request to send additional documents (license agreement, copy of a valid photo identification) to DLR.
After the provision of a license agreement signed by the PI, DLR will release an EOWEB order account. The order account information is delivered via e-mail to you.
With the order account in hand you can order the DEM tiles via DLR’s online order tool EOWEB. The ordered products will be delivered to a secure ftp pickup point, and a delivery notice will be send to your email.
The whole proposal process is also described in chapter 4 and 5 of the TanDEM- Science Service Manual document, online available at:


Thomas Busche and Irena Hajnsek

TanDEM-X Science Coordination

German Aerospace Center
Microwaves and Radar Institute

Microwaves and Radar Institute Weßling
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