Postdoc Terrain Feature Modeling and Extraction for Mapping and Earth Resource Applications (USGS)

Sep 10 2014 19:24
USGS is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to study terrain processes and geomorphic development to model terrain features in support of extraction from lidar data for representation as a part of The National Map. Research Advisor: E. Lynn Usery, 573-308-3837.
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The incumbent will be expected to develop models and use object oriented image analysis in conjunction with the lidar data to isolate and extract these features from lidar data (Li and others, 2012). The procedures for building specific geomorphic features from process modeling and ontology design patterns will be developed as part of the research. The work will be supported by ongoing work in the ontology of terrain features that has been a research focus for CEGIS for the past 5 years.

Applicants must meet one of the following qualifications – Research Geographer, Research Physical Scientist, Research Cartographer
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USGS Rolla, MO
United States
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