JRC competitions 2010

Nov 3 2010 09:00
Nov 3 2010 23:30

Starting 30 September, the JRC is organising open competitions to recruit new scientific/technical staff in the following fields:

  • Chemistry, Biology and Health Sciences
  • Physics
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Quantitative Policy Analysis
  • Spatial Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Energy Sciences
  • Communication/Information Technology

Successful candidates may eventually have the opportunity to work in one of the JRC's seven institutes on the basis of a permanent contract as an AD6 or AD7 research administrator.

Job description: 
  • Must be a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union.
  • Must enjoy your full rights as a citizen.
  • Must have fulfilled any relevant military service obligation.
  • Must meet the character requirements for the duties involved.
  • a number of additional requirements can be find in this document.

For the upcoming competitions, EPSO has now in place a selection procedure where the JRC will choose the best candidates by means of a CV sift before they are invited to an Assessment Centre in Brussels.

Annual brutto salary: 


EPSO Brussels
Job duration: 
usually up to 3 years

All the necessary information can be found on the EPSO website, so keep an eye on the following page for updates: http://europa.eu/epso/index_en.htm

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