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Jun 28 2011 09:00
Jul 6 2011 17:00
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--- The Organising Committee for the 2011 International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) General Assembly, on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand scientific communities, invites researchers world-wide to Melbourne, Australia in 2011, to participate in an exciting, multi-disciplinary conference on cutting edge science, presented by the eight scientific associations of the IUGG. Hydro-geomorphology is renewed and enhanced by original approaches of data acquisition, management and modelling; especially through new field and remote sensors, hydroinformatics, geomorphometric and scaling analyses, analogous and mathematical models, and field experiments. Major new approaches of observation, analysis, conceptualisation and modelling should be brought together in a comprehensive framework. Contributions are expected in this sense to better understand the hydro-geomorphological dynamics and structures, and to link them to actual issues such as of integrated water and risk management, upstream-downstream impact assessment, sustainability of water resources and uses, eco-hydrology, traditional/modern techniques assessment, scaling and complexity understanding, regionalization and PUB methodologies.
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