Free and Open Source Geomorphometry Software

Oct 19 2013 09:00
Oct 19 2013 17:00
MicroDEM GIS preview

Intended aims and scope:

The workshop will update the information in the book edited by Hengl and Reuter (2009) by providing a tutorial on the philosophy behind each of the major FOSS packages (GRASS, MICRODEM, SAGA) and a guide on how to get started on each, and how to link these to additional programs (lastools, mcc-lidar, taudem, LANDSERF).

Course programme:

We would have an introduction to the common features of the programs, and then about 2 hours on each of the major programs, and a conclusion at the end, for a total of 8 hours.

Technical requirements:

Each participant would supply a laptop running a current version of Windows, and we would supply the programs and required data on a USB stick which would ideally run without having to be installed on the computer.


Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University Nanjing
32° 3' 36.918" N, 118° 47' 48.7572" E
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