Deadline to submit papers for special issue of IJGIS on Digital Terrain Modelling

Dec 15 2011 23:59

Call for papers

Terrain analysis (or geomorphometry) has been an active study field since the early era of GIS and attracted research efforts from geographers, surveyors, engineers and computer scientists. With the rapid growth of GIS technology, particularly the establishment of high resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEM) at the national level, the challenge is now focused on delivering justifiable socio-economical and environmental benefits. To foster the advancement of methodology and technology of terrain analysis and digital terrain modelling, the Editors and Publisher of the International Journal of GIS have approved the first special issue on digital terrain analysis and modelling. You are encouraged to submit relevant and high quality manuscripts for this special issue (see details below).

The special issue will be edited by Qiming Zhou (Hong Kong Baptist University) and A-Xing Zhu (University of Wisconsin at Madison).

We are seeking the submission of papers from geographical, geomorphological, hydrological and related environmental studies, as well as more technical articles including topics such as algorithms, data structure, spatio-temporal modelling and geo-spatial information services for terrain analysis. We are especially interested in special and new approaches of the representation, modelling and simulation of terrain surface data and processes.


Themes and topics for this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  1. Accuracy of terrain analysis

  2. Application of new data sets (e.g. LIDAR) for terrain analysis

  3. Applications of digital terrain analysis

  4. Innovative data model for terrain analysis

  5. Innovative methods and algorithms for terrain analysis

  6. Innovative methods for terrain visualization

  7. Innovative methods for the interpretation of digital terrain data

  8. Mathematical expression of terrain surface features

  9. Methods for integrating environmental variables into terrain models

  10. Methods for terrain feature classification

  11. Methods of terrain surface change detection

  12. Multi-scale representation of terrain surfaces

  13. Spatio-temporal representation and modelling

  14. Sub-surface process modelling and simulation

  15. Terrain surface process simulation

  16. The use of remotely sensed imagery for digital terrain analysis

  17. Web-based geo-spatial information services for terrain analysis


A condition of submission and acceptance will be that papers must pass the normal IJGIS review process. It is planned to include 10-12 articles in the special issue and each paper will be about 10 pages in length. IJGIS offers free colour pages to all authors.

When you wish to submit your special issue paper online to the International Journal of GIS, please choose 'Special Issue Paper' from the Manuscript Types field.


For more information please contact the special issue editor Prof. Qiming Zhou, Hong Kong Baptist University, e-mail:

Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
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