Dead-line to submit proposal for the Geomorphometry 2011 conference

Nov 15 2009
Nov 15 2009

This the official call for nominations for organization of the Geomorphometry 2011 event. More info.


The proposal to organize the next Geomorphometry meeting should include: 

  1. approximate date of the conference;
  2. location and accessibility (connection from an international airport to the event);
  3. estimate of prices for facilities and accommodation;
  4. possibilities of sponsorship and/or reduced fees for post-graduate students;
  5. intended publication of the special issue or a joint publication from the conference proceedings (this can only be a provisional proposal);

Please submit official nominations by sending an e-mail to the geomorphometry chair and vice-chair. The selected nomination will be publiced via this website within two weeks after this dead-line.

Ian S. Evans & Tomislav Hengl
Chair and vice-chair

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