Call for papers: Geomorphometry: advances in technologies and methods for Earth system sciences (NHESS/HESS Inter-Journal SI)

Jul 15 2015 17:28
Feb 15 2016 23:30

"Geomorphometry: advances in technologies and methods for Earth System Sciences"
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences &
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences
Interactive Open Access Journals of the European Geosciences Union
The guest editors: H. Mitasova, T. Hengl, and A. Guadagnini

NHESS HESSWe invite submissions to an inter-journal special issue of Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) and Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) on Geomorphometry for Earth System Sciences to coincide with the conference Geomorphometry 2015, held in Poznan, Poland in June 2015. Papers are invited from participants at the conference, but also those in the broader academic community active in this field.

  • Submission open on: 14 Jul 2015
  • Submissions close on: 15 Feb 2016 (extended deadline!)

The aim of the special issue is to showcase papers illustrating how geomorphometry can be used for Earth System analysis, with especial focus on using DEM data and technology for natural hazard modeling, in hydrology and in applied environmental sciences. The linkage between geomorphometry, the science of quantitative land surface analysis, and Earth System Sciences is intimate, since geomorphometry aims to describe land surfaces that are shaped by, and shape, hydrological processes on the earth's surface. Topics of interest to the special issue might include, but are not restricted to:

  • Acquisition of high resolution elevation data
  • New algorithms and software for automated interpretation of digital elevation data
  • Modeling extreme processes on the Earth surface
  • Multi-scale automated mapping Earth surface changes
  • Working with continental-scale high resolution data
  • Simulating changes of the Earth surface relief 3D and 4D dynamics of Earth surface in selected areas

When preparing papers for the special issue, it is important that authors make clear the relevance of the work to Natural Hazards and/or hydrology and earth systems sciences in the sense of the general aims of NHESS and HESS. Submissions must be new, unpublished work which is has neither been previously published, nor is under consideration for publication elsewhere except in the form of an abstract or proceedings type publication. Submissions will be accepted for review through Copernicus's online submission system: HESS and NHESS. Please carefully review all of the information provided by NHESS and HESS in preparing your submission. Note that NHESS and HESS are open-access journals with associated page charges: "A manuscript contains 10 pages with 57,000 characters, 2 figures, and 1 table. The discussion paper will have 30 pages text + 1 page table + 2 pages figures. For Category 1, this will result in 33 pages × €25 = €825 net + 19% German VAT."

During the registration process, it is important that the authors select the correct special issue: "Geomorphometry: advances in technologies and methods for Earth System Sciences"

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