9 PhD Scholarships in GIScience, Salzburg, Austria

Apr 2 2011 23:00

Supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the program offers 9 scholarships for doctoral researchers at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg Candidates need to choose from the following list of 9 topics while providing a first choice and a second (alternative) choice. Detailed descriptions of the topics can be found at www.uni-salzburg.at/giscience. PI / supervisor - R/M-1 T. Blaschke: Incorporating LiDARscapes in an OBIA framework - R/M-2 L. Schrott: Visualisation of landforms and geomorphic process domains using regional data sets“ creating a digital geomorphological map of the European Alps - R/M-3 R. Marschallinger: 3D modelling and simulation of sediment structures in overdeepened alpine basins and implications for hydro(geo)logical modelling - R/M-4 F. Neubauer: 3D Structure of major fault zones and its application in engineering geology and geothermics - T/P-1 J. Strobl: Spatial System Dynamics: Simulation for Decision Support - T/P-2 A. Koch: Spatial Simulation of Urban Segregation Processes - T/P-3 E. Beinat: Geo-spatial models for collective sensing - S/M-3 S. Reich: Scalability and performance in near-real-time processing of geo-spatial data streams - S/M-4 M. Leitner: Developing a research framework for criminal geographic profiling Important dates: - First Application deadline: 20 April, 2011 (later applications may be considered for a second round of interviews if any positions remain open) - Selection workshop (for pre†selected applicants): end of May / early June, 2011 - Start of the program: Late September 2011, start of regular classes: 03 October.

Job description: 

The positions are in accordance with the regulations of the FWF (www.fwf.ac.at) and the gross salary is 26.278.- Euro per year, regardless of age and family situation. Contracts will be awarded for three years with an extension option of several months under defined circum stances. It is foreseen to spend one semester at one of 22 pre-selected partner Universities worldwide.


Requirements include the excellent completion of a degree at the Masters level in Geoinformatics, Geomatics, Geography, Computer Science or any scientific/technical subject in a relevant field, and excellent English language (both oral and writing) skills.

Annual brutto salary: 
26.278 Euro per year


Doctoral College - DK-GIScience Salzburg
Job duration: 
3 years

For all inquiries, please contact giscience@sbg.ac.at

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