Global-scale geomorphometry

Worldterrain – A Contribution to the Global Geomorphometric Atlas

H. I. Reuter1, A. D. Nelson2
1 Independent spatial consultant
Fax: (+49-3212-8912839)

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Global Survey of Organized Landforms: Recognizing Linear Sand Dunes

P. L. Guth
Department of Oceanography, US Naval Academy
572C Holloway Rd, Annapolis MD 21402 USA
Telephone: 00-1-410-293-6560
Fax: 00-1-410-293-2137

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Physiographic Classification of the Ocean Floor: A Multi-Scale Geomorphometric Approach

M. A. V. Gorini
Departamento de Geologia - LAGEMAR /UFF
Av. General Milton Tavares de Souza, 4º andar, Niterói - RJ
CEP24210-346 - Brasil

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