Extracting hydrological networks

Morphometric Modelling of Rockglaciers – An Exploratory Case Study from the Alps

R. Frauenfelder1*, B. Schneider2**, B. Etzelmüller3
1 Department of Geography, University of Zurich, Switzerland

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Allometric Development of Glacial Cirques: An Application of Specific Geomorphometry

I. S. Evans,
Department of Geography,
Durham University,
South Road,
Durham City
England, U.K.

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The Swiss Alps Without Glaciers – A GIS-based Modelling Approach for Reconstruction of Glacier Beds

A. Linsbauer1, F. Paul1, M. Hoelzle2, H. Frey1, W. Haeberli1
1 Glaciology, Geomorphodynamics and Geochronology

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Fast Stream Extraction from Large, Radar-Based Elevation Models with Variable Level of Detail

M. Metz1, H. Mitasova2, R.S. Harmon3
1 Research Group Cognitive Ethology , German Primate Center

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Influence of Spurious Pit Removal Methods from SRTM on River Network Positioning

Laura Poggio1, Pierre Soille2
1 The Macaulay Institute Aberdeen AB158QH (UK)
email: l.poggio@macaulay.ac.uk

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An Adaptive Approach for Channel Network Delineation from Digital Elevation Models

A. Afana1, G. del Barrio2
1 Desertification and Geo-Ecology Department, Arid Zones Research Station (CSIC),

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Robust Extraction of Thalwegs Networks from DTMs for Topological Characterisation: A Case Study on Badlands

N. Thommeret1, J.S. Bailly2, C. Puech2
1 UMR 8591- CNRS, Laboratoire de Géographie Physique,

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Cell Size Dependence of Threshold Conditions for the Delineation of Drainage Networks from Gridded Elevation Data

P. Tarolli1, G. Dalla Fontana1, G. Moretti2, S. Orlandini2

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