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Geomorphometry 2015:  Conference and Workshops

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June 22-26, 2015 (Monday to Friday)

Geomorphometry for natural hazards geomodelling


Manuscript preparation guidelines

This page contains some basic instructions on how to prepare and submit a Camera Ready Copy (CRC) of the short papers for the Geomorphometry conference. We typically do not provide any technical support, which means that each author is responsible to format the article following the preparation guidelines and submit a CRC version of manuscript (see an example). Submissions that do not closely follow the manuscript preparation guidelines might be removed from the revision process. The publication process is illustrated in the graph below:

Geomorphometry 2013


Geomorphometry 2013:  Conference + Workshops

October 16-20, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)

Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University


Geomorphometry Society meeting / E-democracy

The Geomorphometry elections are held every two years during the society meeting (Geomorphometry conference series). The results of voting (including the best paper awards and nominations for the next conference) are typically announced by the Chair and vice-Chair on the last day of the conference, and published on the society website (the website is the only official source of information).

Geomorphometry 2011

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Geomorphometry 2011:  Five days of Digital Terrain Analysis (Conference + Workshops)

September 7-11, 2011 (Wednesday to Sunday)

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The Geomorphometry society biannually awards best paper awards in two categories: (1) the best rated paper, and (2) the best PhD student presentation award, and the Life Achievement Award (to retired members of our society). Both best paper and best PhD student presentation* award are given directly at the last day of conference.

Nominations for Geomorphometry 2011

At the moment, there are three provisional nominations for the 2011 conference:

  1. University of Southern California (John P. Wilson);
  2. University of Colorado (Scott Peckham);
  3. University of Salzburg (Lucian Dragut & Clemens Eisank);

The official nominations for the next conference are now invited to submit an official proposal in the coming 60 days.


The proposal to organize the next Geomorphometry meeting should include: