The scale effect analysis of slope length based on DEM multi-scale representation

TitleThe scale effect analysis of slope length based on DEM multi-scale representation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsGuo, Weiling, Qinke Yang, Haijiang Wang, and Rui Li
Refereed DesignationRefereed
Conference NameGeomorphometry 2013
Date Published2013
Conference LocationNanjing, China
AbstractIt’s the only way to extract slope gradient and slope length based on low-resolution DEMs for the studies of regional scale soil erosion modeling. But the slope gradient will reduce and the slope length will enlarge. In Xiannangou catchment, a database of DEM is established by using the wavelet multi-resolution analysis method, which has a gradually-changing resolution and a unified position control base, and effective ability in representing the overall topographic characteristics and landform macro structure. On this basis, we deeply reveal that the variation pattern of the slope length increases as the DEM resolution becomes coarser. The results show that, with DEM resolution become coarser, the gully elevation is rising, while the Liang and Mao top elevation are decreasing, and the small-scale gully, Liang and Mao top are gradually disappeared. Average slope length has a linearly increasing trend with the reduction of DEM resolution, and slope length cumulative frequency curve is moving towards larger value. In general, the overall slope length is enlarged, and the enlarging mainly happens in the middle and bottom of slopes.
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