‘Radiography of the Amazon’ DSM/DTM data: comparative analysis with SRTM, ASTER GDEM

Title‘Radiography of the Amazon’ DSM/DTM data: comparative analysis with SRTM, ASTER GDEM
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsGrohmann, Carlos
Secondary AuthorsJasiewicz, Jaroslaw, Zbigniew Zwoliński, Helena Mitasova, and Tomislav Hengl
Book TitleGeomorphometry for Geosciences
Pagination9 - 11
PublisherBogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań - Institute of Geoecology and Geoinformation
CityPoznań, Poland
ISBN Number978-83-7986-059-3

This paper presents a preliminary comparison of Digital Elevation Models SRTM, Topodata and ASTER GDEM with data from the 'Radiography of the Amazon' project (RAM), for a small study area north of Barcelos city, Amazonas State, Northern Brazil. The RAM project is run by the Division of Geographical Service of the Brazilian Army, and intents to map ca. 1.8 million sq.km. of the Amazon region using InSAR in the P and X bands.The analysis showed that ASTER GDEM presents a high level of noise and artefacts from the automatic image processing chain, with low correlation to the morphology depicted in the other DEMs. RAM Digital Surface Models (i.e., canopy height) have a good correlation with SRTM and Topodata DEMs, although with higher elevation due the use of X-band Radar, which does not penetrates the forest canopy. RAM Digital Terrain Models exhibits the topography under the forest allowing the identification of morphological features that could be hidden under the vegetation. Future studies should be carried out to determine, for instance, the level of detail of DTM-derived drainage networks as well as to evaluate the noise of 5m-resolutions DTMs and possible filtering or smoothing procedures.

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