A Near-lossless Digital Watermarking Algorithm of DEM Based on DCT

TitleA Near-lossless Digital Watermarking Algorithm of DEM Based on DCT
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDing, Hu, and Aili Liu
Refereed DesignationRefereed
Conference NameGeomorphometry 2013
Date Published2013
Conference LocationNanjing, China
AbstractA near-lossless, adaptive watermarking algorithm based on DCT is presented to protect DEM from theft and illegal reproduction. Due to the high accuracy of the DEM, the focus of this paper is put on ensuring that the watermarked DEM should meet the precision requirement which also means the watermarked DEM should be near-lossless. The contribution of this work is that not only the DEM precision, but also the precision of slope and aspect are considered. In order to improve the robustness, the watermark should be embedded in the terrain lines. The preliminary results show that the error both of the aspect and the slope are very small and the watermarked DEM meets the medium error and maximum error proposed in the national DEM precision criterion. The watermarking can resist the compression and cropping attack.
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